FAQS - All you need to know about the black boats.


We are a luxury boat tour company, the others are not. We visit the same places but in a much more comfortable and luxurious way. We offer less seating per boat and a better service overall, including Arabic guiding and personalized attention. What would you choose? To go somewhere by a taxi or go by a limo and pay the same?

All our tours start from the pristine Pier 7 in Marina click here for directional map

Yes, you are welcome to use the free parking for 3 hours!

Each Black boat can take up to 12 passengers. This way you enjoy a VIP seating better than the competition. Passengers are seated in a 4 row arrangement in a very roomy leather couch type seat. No other company offers such space and comfort.

No, this type of boats are open and any extra structure would restrict the feeling of the open ride. The boats are not covered and the passenger is seated in plain air, as in all similar vessels.

No there is no toilet. There are toilet facilities just a few steps of the berths that you can use before or after. A toilet on board would not be able to be used anyway while in cruising and the tours don’t include stops.

Yes we do. All seats have an easy to wear life vest that the client is compulsory to wear by law during the hole tour for safety reasons. The boats are fully equipment with everything necessary for both the client safety and comfort.

They can operate in high speeds. Currently they can be the faster ones in the country, with a max speed of 62 knots!!! But of course, we do not operate in such speed. Our target is the client to get all the comfort and luxury needed. Nevertheless, weather permitted the client get a momentum of speed thrill to enjoy.

We will be in the open sea and weather conditions might vary. So yes there is a chance to get wet. Under normal circumstances the client will not get seriously wet. Wind or waves can cause a light spray.

Yes, the crew members will provide all the information on all the landmarks to be visited and will be happy to answer more questions from the clients. We would like to stress that we are the only company offering guidance and service both in English and in Arabic.

Yes. The tour is generally suitable for all clients given that there are no age restrictions. The passengers though have to undertake themselves the responsibility of being in a health condition that does not prevent them from taking an open sea tour. Therefore, i.e pregnant women, clients suffering from neck problems, back or spine conditions, as well as persons with special needs etc. will be excluded.

There is no issue there in terms of safety for kids. This is a luxury attraction tour, not a roller coaster. Nevertheless, we do not accept infants and toddlers up to three-year-old. Children below 100cm height should be seated between their parents.

We do not do pre-seating. The experience is equally good from all seats as the attractions are not so close and the boat course is not a straight line. The seat assignment is done once the client arrives at the berth. On a first come base.

Our Stopovers are only for photo opportunities and narration by your guide, Guests stay on the boat at all times.

Of course! Photography is encouraged. As a matter of fact, we know vacation photos are so important that is why the boat will stop in front of the greatest attractions to provide a perfect photo opportunity.

No food is allowed on board, we only provide bottled mineral water to quench your thirst.

Each passenger must have identification documents to be allowed to onboard. Emirates ID or passport is therefore required. No other document is accepted. If a passenger does not have the identification document, he will not be allowed to onboard the vessel and any money paid will not be paid back. Unfortunately, this is a law requirement also and so we can do nothing about as it is a very serious violation if we do not respect it. Besides that, nothing is compulsory.

Client has to be at the departure berth minimum 15 minutes before departure with his id docs.

**During sunset, boat tours offer stunning views of the Dubai skyline
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